Ideas, Technology and Performances for Concrete Blocks Splitting

Techno Split designs and builds your next concrete splitting line,
customising it according to your production needs.

Since 1996 Techno Split, a company based in North Italy, has been designing and building concrete splitting machines and technologically advanced complete and automated concrete splitting lines that can produce a wide range of split products.

Techno Split

Thanks to its expertise, which comes from a good knowledge of the concrete sector and of splitting processes, and to the high quality of its machinery, Techno Split immediately established itself on the global market. It became the European reference point for the largest and best manufacturers of split products in Europe.

With more than 130 concrete splitting machines, the trust of customers, which is considered the company’s most valuable asset, is confirmed over the years. Thanks to a diligent and brilliant work.

Techno Split designs its own concrete splitting lines using a double structure. The external structure of concrete splitting machine guides the upper blade and allows it descending more precisely and positioning at exactly 90 degrees to the surface of the block. This technology combined with splitting from bottom to top allows a better result of the finished product.

All the control panels of the concrete splitting lines are equipped with remote access so that you can intervene quickly if necessary.

As a precise company choice, the range of concrete splitting lines does not include standard models because the project focuses on attention to the customer’s needs and this allows the most suitable production solution for a perfect optimisation of productivity and investment.

Great importance is given to all the components of the system which is made up of only the best brands on the market. It is able to respect the quality, the precision that this type of processing requires and the availability of spare parts.

conformity to CE or UL standards

Depending on the destination, Techno Split designs its concrete splitting lines issuing a special declaration of conformity to CE or UL standards.

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