Ideas, Technology and Performances for Concrete Blocks Splitting

Automatic concrete splitting line TS 60/40 60T

Mod. Norway


High performance automatic concrete splitting line, sturdy and reliable, it is able to produce large quantities of top quality split concrete blocks.

Exclusive Techno Split technology uses two structures on the concrete splitting machine. The external structure allows a more precise guide of the descent of the upper blade and allows the splitting action from bottom to top, offering a significant improvement in the quality of processing.

Handling systems - Techno Split

The concrete splitting line can be loaded and unloaded with the aid of two pneumatic grippers manufactured by Techno Split and therefore more suitable for concrete blocks. The concrete splitting line needs two operators: one for loading the blocks and the other for unloading. Once the “START” button is pressed, the splitting cycle starts automatically, including the evacuation of technical waste.

The concrete splitting line is built with only the best components on the market, able to guarantee precision and high performance.

The whole structure is appropriately oversized in order to be long-lasting while optional extras, such as the side blades penetrating the block simultaneously with the upper and lower blade, further improve the quality of the finished product.


Strong points

  • Personalized choice of the loading and unloading system by a jib crane or robot
  • Splitting technology from bottom to top to improve processing quality
  • Double structure of the concrete splitting machine for a more precise descent of the upper blade
  • Automatic and precise work cycle including the evacuation of technical waste
  • Possibility of customisation in the composition of the line and its options
  • High quality of the finished product
  • Large quantity of split products
  • Brushless servomotors
  • Remote assistance

Descrizione del ciclo di lavoro

Once the blocks have been loaded with the aid of a pneumatic gripper manufactured by Techno Split, the pusher pushes the row of blocks to be split under the splitter, executing all the programs set in the recipe, evacuating the technical waste where required and reforming the row of finished products on the outlet conveyor in order to facilitate unloading operations. The precision of block advancement is ensured by a servomotor.

technical data

Concrete splitting machine technical data

Blade length

mm 600

Splitting height

mm 400

Splitting force

Ton 60

  Finished products  

Splitted concrete steps

Splitted concrete steps

Splitted concrete blocks for wall cladding and retaining walls

Splitted concrete blocks for wall cladding and retaining walls

Splitted Palisaden


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