Ideas, Technology and Performances for Concrete Blocks Splitting

Grippers for lifting with 4 lifting sides

Grippers for lifting - Techno Split


Range of grippers specifically designed for the loading and unloading of concrete products on splitting lines.

With the aid of suitable systems for handling concrete blocks of various sizes and weights, the operator will avoid unnecessary and harmful physical effort and improve productivity.
Techno Split grippers for lifting concrete blocks have been specially designed considering a suitable, agile and functional system to handle both single blocks and entire sets of concrete blocks.

Mounted on jib cranes, this range of grippers for lifting with 4 gripping sides, greatly improves the loading and unloading of splitting lines. The controls for opening and closing both sides of the grippers are mounted on the control bar, close to the handgrip, and allow the operator to perform operations quickly and effortlessly.

This model with 4 jaws provides a safer grip and allows more products to be lifted.

All pneumatic components are carefully selected to offer the quality that distinguishes each Techno Split product.

All Techno Split grippers for lifting concrete blocks use a pneumatic system that ensures automatic and safe closing of the sides of the gripper.

Grippers for lifting

with 4 gripping sides

Strong points

  • Specially designed for Techno Split splitting lines 
  • They improve and facilitate the loading and unloading of concrete products 
  • Designed both for lifting individual blocks and for entire rows and/or sets of concrete blocks
  • Adjustment of the height of the blocks for a customised and safe grip 
  • Pneumatic system that ensures a perfect grip of concrete blocks 

Description of the work cycle of grippers for lifting

The alignment plate fitted on all models in the range of lifting grippers allows the gripping height to be adjusted and ensures that both the rows of blocks and the sets of products remain perfectly compact throughout the entire stage of the operations, especially during unloading, allowing more precise palletising of the finished products.

technical data

Technical data

Gripper opening width

mm 1.300

Height adjustment

mm 850

Load limit

Kg 500

Gripper weight

Kg 300

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